And by overwhelmed I’m not talking about just the day to day aspects of life as mom, wife, professional and entrepreneur…I’m talking about people, ideas, beliefs, and opinions. Everywhere the noise of news and opinions is becoming more than I can take. It is hard to say that there is room for all the ideas in the world because, as we are seeing, some ideas are toxic and reprehensible. However, the way to finding peace and bringing people together is not through judgement, vitriol, and disgust. Blaming others for the worlds’ ills is never the solution to fixing them. Harmony comes when we go inside and ask ourselves “What can I be doing differently to help make things better?” One of the things that I need in my arsenal of self-care is a lot of opportunity for self-reflection and perspective. Below I have listed some of the things that help me in achieving the necessary balance of peace and ideas I need before going forth and tackling life. I hope that my posts and videos will also become this for you.




Top 10 Places for Insight and Entertainment: 

My go to for quieting my mind and finding perspective is Tara Brach. Brach is a psychologist and meditation teacher. Her podcast is like an elixir for my soul. She tells great stories and anecdotes, ties complex concepts together in beautiful and easy to digest ways. My very busy brain is in desperate need of perspective on a regular basis. Tara helps me to go inward, get quiet and her RAIN of self-compassion is so helpful when I am most in need of giving myself a break.

The expert in loving kindness meditation, Sharon Salzberg’s podcast. She was in the original group of young hippies who traveled to India in the 60’s to learn from the gurus and change the way Americans thought about the world. For nearly 50 years she has been helping people find their truth through meditation, teaching, and writing. Sharon is funny, humble, and real. Her interviews are truly wonderful.

Comedian Pete Holmes talks about religion, life, spirituality, beliefs, and making sense of things with guests who are comedians, thought leaders, spiritual leaders, and other. It’s a fascinating series of conversations that I find both entertaining and inspiring.

Last week I went to lecture given by this brilliant man called “The Myth We Live In.” It deeply impacted the way I think about our differing opinions and how we relate to people we don’t agree with. He’s funny, smart, and mind-blowing. Since this is something that was brand new to me what I will also add here is that I am always open to new and creative ideas and presenters. I’m always adding new podcasts, readings, and organizations to my list of favorites.

The most inspiring mom in America. Glennon Doyle Melton talks openly about mental health, parenting, marriage, life. She is everything.

When it all boils down to it the great equalizer is a funny dog video (cat, squirrel, goat). This online phenomenon is inexplicable and yet no matter who you are or where you find yourself in the world you cannot deny the awesomeness of a hilarity.

When I was in high school one of my absolute favorite shows was The State – the brilliant sketch comedy show on MTV. Michael Ian Black was awesome then and today he continues to bring his hilarious point of view to the world. How to Be Amazing is his podcast which I totally love. He is a great interviewer and his guests are fantastic.

Funny or Die helps relieve the tension and some of the most awesome comic minds share their genius. This Lady President segment is hilarious!

Andy Borowitz is the satirist for The New Yorker…he’s brilliant and hilarious and puts everyone in their place.

Just as it intended TED has become a place for really smart, interesting and inspiring people to share their ideas in short presentations. TED’s not new to anyone but it is certainly a go-to for me in this loud, crazy world. I love TED!