So November 1st is a weird day for me. It was my Bubbe’s birthday. She would have been 83 today. Her time on this earth ended far too soon. She missed so much. I hope she is watching over us all and proud of what we have become. I miss her everyday.
On Bubbe’s birthday in 1994, when I was 16, I was being reckless and got into a serious accident. I almost died, I was badly broken, I scared a lot of loved ones, and I discovered a lot about people and the world much earlier than I would have liked.
That was 22 years ago. It put everything into perspective for me long before I was able to understand that that’s what happened. All of my life choices have been informed by it for the last 22 years. First they were out of fear and pain. Then something shifted and the choices began to be made out of deep passion and not wanting to miss the truth of living – love, connection, and purpose (as I see it).
My entire life has been shaped by the love my Bubbe had for me and by the lessons I have continued to discover from that incident all those years ago. It’s incredible that we can get so much distance from things and times in our lives and yet they always have the capacity to teach us about ourselves when we are able to hear the lessons.
I’m finally able to hear so much. I guess that’s what comes with growing-up. Life is short, love your people, speak your truth, live your dreams. In the end that is all that matters. Happy Birthday to Bubbe and to me.
Much love,

Erin xo