Everything you need lives inside you already. You have the power to ask for help, engage in deeper reflection, make a plan, learn new skills, and tap the talents you naturally possess. Even if you don’t think you have talents – you do. If you think the things you are naturally adept at aren’t interesting, helpful, or useful at all – they are. 

Look, all I can say is I started as a screw-up and decided only after having kids that I could only show them how to live in the world if I chose to lead by example. 

14 years ago I set myself on a new path to freedom, creativity, and owning the messy truth of my existence. Mistakes have been made and I’ve had to restart several times along this journey. I’ve taken a family history of mental illness, a diagnosis of anxiety disorder and depression, a helping spirit, a propensity for oversharing, a love of writing and performance and turned it into something that keeps growing and reforming into new and exciting opportunities. 

I have simply used all the tools in my fairly limited arsenal to create and keep creating things that feed me, excite me, and connect me to others. 

If you need some help finding your gifts and putting them to work I am excited to talk to you! Contact me and join the mailing list for updates, inspirations, challenges, videos and more! 
Much love today and everyday!