This line first appeared in my show at the point when I was talking about being run over by a car in high school. It’s a fairly humorous story chronicling the top 10 lessons you learn while trapped under a car. It turned out that ending up underneath that car taught me invaluable lessons that I carry to this day. Some were positive, many were negative – all were necessary. 

It’s a difficult lesson to learn. I’m really impatient and I tend to be a bit of a control freak. Some of that is just my nature, some is because of anxiety, some is because at times in my life people have shown me their true nature and in many cases it was hurtful and disappointing.  I am a sensitive person. This is a super power for sure but it can also be overwhelming if I’m not consious of how I’m being impacted. Being afraid and emotionally porous means I have a hard time letting go and not being attached to outcomes. 

It’s funny, I listen to podcast interviews with performers, entrepreneurs, and successful artists on a regular basis. I am often baffled how the most accomplished people are often those with the most laissez faire attitude about where they were headed. It’s not that they didn’t work hard or have a focus it is just very clear in listening to these individuals talk about their journey that they hadn’t wrapped their entire identity, worth, and ego up in the success or failure of a thing. They just did the thing everyday for as long as it took to make it happen. That confidence and  lack of fear is utterly fascinating. I imagine people are just born with that? It’s so foreign to me. I’m always so envious and confused by that state of mind. It’s far from where I live. 

Not knowing the outcome before I take the first step is a huge challenge. Quite honestly I’m just really afraid a lot of the time. Remembering that I don’t get to know all the answers is constant work. But when I take a moment to breathe deep I am reminded that the Universe has not let me down yet. I’ve never fallen so hard or so far that redemption was out of reach. Everything is always ok – even when it’s not. The greatest triumphs come from facing the biggest challenges. The most valuable lessons are learned when we have leapt, then stumbled, and found the magic that lies within the knowing we cannot be defeated – even if that’s all we know. Even if the rest of the answers to the really terrifying questions still lie just out of reach. 
The answers are different for everyone anyway so they only way to get them is to find out for yourself. Getting to discover what you’re made of, learning what you truly value, and deciding where to direct your energy are incredible gifts. If you stand still long enough to receive them and then put the outcomes to work amazing things can happen – even if they end up being completely different than what you initially imagined. Be open to the possibilities. 

Keep up the fight you guys. It’s worth it.

Much love,