This is a meditation. Much of it says “I” because I need to tell myself these things everyday in order to keep going on this path. However, the “I” also relates to you when you say it about your life. 

Don’t ever deny your true nature. 
You were made exactly the way you’re supposed to be for the work you are meant to do. The longer you try to make yourself different to appease the people in your life – or keep from making people uncomfortable who just don’t understand you – the longer you will be in pain and not living your most complete existence. The longer you will wonder why you aren’t happy, fulfilled, or where you want to be. Let’s get real and be seen. 

The message I have always received from the world is that I am “too sensitive” and this is bad. Why? The people sending me this message have told me that they way I am is “weird” or “broken” or “sick.” It has taken me so many years of pain to discover that I am only as much of those things as I feel based on the way I see the world; NOT based on the way the world sees me. 

The truth of this is that when people have shared with me that they think I am in some way broken what they are really saying is “Erin, the way you talk, think, and live in the world challenges my understanding of myself and my place on this earth, and that makes me uncomfortable. Please change the way you are so I don’t have to feel that way.” I used to internalize this message and think it was my responsibility to do just that because I was the one who is “different”. For almost my entire life I have adjusted myself to fit into other people’s expectations and I have caused myself so much pain by making that choice. 

As I close in on 40 years of life I have finally awoken to the truth which is very simple: I was created to do this work, to push people outside of their emotional comfort zones, to question the why’s and how’s of our fixed beliefs and to help people connect more with themselves and each other. In truth – I am here to do this for myself but I can’t do it alone so I’m inviting the world, one person at a time, to do it with me. 

If you’re not ready that’s ok but it’s not a reason for me to tamp my light. I’ll be here doing this work when you are ready and in the meantime I won’t take it personally anymore if you find me difficult to be around. There’s enough room in the world for both of us and I don’t need to make myself smaller, quieter, or less me so that people who don’t value what I have to offer feel better – and neither do you. 

I truly believe that the power of #IfYouCouldSeeMe lies in bringing people of all backgrounds to the table, in various ways, for conversations about the ways in which we misjudge each other, thereby limiting the opportunities we have to truly connect. 

If we could all learn to be present with each other and get honest about the things our animal brains tell us that we often don’t take the time to dissect, or question, it is beyond the depths of my imagination how much kinder, more thoughtful, and introspective this world would be. 

What could that lead to? 

I’m hopeful for a better world everyday. Some days I even get to see glimpses of it. Please join me on this journey if you are ready. If not we will be here when you are. Much love to all for a beautiful day one moment at a time.