Are you a parent struggling to balance all of the demands of your life and cut yourself a little slack in the process? I wrote this when my kids were very young. I had a baby that never slept, a toddler who hunted household supplies and put them to work with masterful aplumb doing things they weren’t intended for, and a five year old prone to bouts of violent rage. It was the most fun. I was trying desperately not to lose my mind and to embrace the moment -understanding on some level that the circumstances would not remain so chaotic for long. 

 I come back to this mantra periodically as a reminder of all that is good and all the power I have to choose where to focus my attention. Parenting only seems to get harder and juggling the balls more complicated. While the early years require your complete focus it’s when they get older and you aren’t the center of every aspect of their lives that you are left worrying and wondering if you’ve done enough and they have what they need to go forth into the world without you. 

Ultimately the lesson I continue to learn on this journey is that we can only do as much as we are able and we have to let go of the rest. Accept what is in front of you right now, work for what you want, and remember that when you are present and showing up with love you are exactly what they need no matter what. Which is why it’s so important to breathe, take time for yourself, and make physical and emotional health a priority. 

I wanted to share this in hope that maybe I’ll remember to do these things today. Maybe we can all remember together:

“Today is my day. I will shower, eat well, and do some form of exercise however little. I will kiss my husband. I will play with my children. I will make time for kindness and generosity. Not out of pride or fear but because of a genuine desire to serve and make the world a better place. I will not forget my friends, or the things I love that make me who I am. I will be all of myself a little at a time. I will give love and accept love. Most of all, I will be grateful for the abundance in my life and do my best to earn it each and everyday. I will breathe deeply and exhale.”

Good luck on this crazy ride! Much love, fortitude, clarity, and cocktails!