As an awkward and anxious kid, Erin Mahone understood how it felt to be different. She could sing like an angel, she made everyone laugh, she fell down a lot, and she had no idea how she was going to fit into the world. She learned through many failures, a few successes, and harnessing the power of creativity, humor, self-compassion, and letting go of fear and shame, to begin to love all the parts of who she is. It is then that she realized her worth.

Erin has worked for over a decade to build a stronger, more inclusive world. Her work is inspired by a childhood growing up in a family touched by mental illness, years working in the mental health field, and her own experiences with anxiety and depression. Erin learned from her grandparents the value of humility, humor, and acceptance.

She believes that life’s struggles, no matter how severe, do not define, or limit, a person’s capacity for greatness, achievement, or love. Every person has a distinct story that is worthy of respect. Erin combines storytelling, writing, music, and other elements to share and teach this message with unique and inspiring offerings for audiences large and small.

Using her unique creative gifts as tools to heal, empower, and educate people of all experiences, Erin is committed to building stronger, more diverse, visionary communities. We would love to speak to you about developing the perfect performance, workshop, presentation, fundraiser, staff training, or book discussion for your specific needs.