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Are you?



Struggling to make sense of a difficult situation?

Desperate to find your voice and use it effectively?

Seeking to come to terms with the past? 

Longing to connect with your authentic self?

In need of perspective and inspiration? 

Is the story you tell about yourself and your life helping you or hurting you? 

Are you aware of the story?

Do you know how to change it? 

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The most empowering thing a person can do is to reclaim the story of their life. We carry shame and fear that the world will discover the truth - we've experienced pain, we've made  mistakes, we are faking it a lot of the time. The truth is that none of us are born with an instruction manual and NO ONE knows what the hell they are doing. 

Your story belongs to you. It has the power to change the world. Learn to tell it in a way that makes you feel proud of who you are and of all you've overcome. 


“Erin has a unique way of helping to bring forth pieces of yourself that have laid dormant for years. Her genuine care and enthusiasm creates an environment that welcomes all perspectives and stories. Her class is a true gift to self.”


“Erin has guided me in a nurturing and caring manner to craft the stories of my life in a humorous and interesting way. I feel empowered to reclaim and blossom into my true self.  ”


“Erin provided the positive & accepting environment in which I could open up share my inner thoughts, fears, pain and joy. She encouraged me to share my stories despite my deep embarrassment of my current state of abilities. I’m so grateful for the experience. I’ll look forward to another opportunity o grow and learn within the Re-Story structure and most importantly work with a wonderful non-judgmental group.”


“Erin delivered the keynote address for the 2020 Virginia Occupational Therapy Association annual conference. Even in our virtual format, Erin's warmth and insight came shining through. The ideas she shared about mental health were delivered with humor, compassion, and above all, relatability.


As healthcare providers, we sometimes neglect our own mental health - this has certainly been true in 2020. Erin helped reframe why self-compassion matters, and how practicing it will help us deliver more compassionate care to our clients.


Across the board, our participants expressed that they were inspired and energized by Erin's presentation. Thank you Erin for kicking off our conference so brilliantly."


- Holly Timberline

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Vice President, Virginia Occupational Therapy Association

"Erin Mahone has a presence. Absolutely relatable, nurturing and likeable, above all. Her obvious chops as a  seasoned performer take nothing away from her vulnerability and ability to connect with people of many  backgrounds. Her giving nature helps everyone feel included. We were thrilled to have Erin at our conference.

- Malaina Poore

VOCAL, 2017 Conference Director

"Dynamic and creative, Erin is a terrific speaker and performer! Erin brings a rare level of passion to  her work, offering her considerable talents to make a difference in the world. I highly recommend her!"

- Susan Wilkes, Ph.D. 

Wilkes Consulting

"Erin Mahone is exactly the type of artist we love to present to our community… she’s a talented singer, dynamic and honest storyteller and humorist, a skilled author, and her work opens eyes, shatters stereotypes and  really sticks with you. Audience members came to find me in the days following Erin’s show to share how  much it meant to them and how glad they are to have participated."

- Sarah Berry

JCC of Northern Virginia

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