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Give the gift of clarity, connection, and creativity

I am so excited to announce this brand new offering for anyone seeking real connection, self-discovery, and change that honors individual experience, creative and service-minded values, and the innate human need for authentic connection.

The ReStory Community is an opportunity for you to find your people, develop perspective-taking skills, set goals, question everything, and put your vision into action. Beginning in January 2021, for only $25/month subscribers will receive 2 monthly virtual group check-ins, weekly exclusive content via email, video, expert conversations on the podcast, guest blogs, a copy of my book, and more, just for subscribers. All this to inspire, educate, and illuminate pathways you have only imagined! SUBSCRIBE TODAY I have never allowed not knowing how to do something stop me from saying “Yes!” and figuring out how to make it happen. Along the way, I discovered the depths of my strength, creativity, and purpose – but I often felt alone, unseen, and afraid. I struggled for so many years to find a home for my vulnerabilities that made sense and provided a nurturing, empowering environment to unpack my deepest desires, make meaning from pain, and build something that I did not yet have words to describe. Often when I sought support to build my dreams the cost was prohibitive and shame language was used to “encourage” me to see the importance of “investing” in myself. I never want to use exclusion or shame to price someone out of the help they need, no matter where they are on the path of healing and discovery. No matter the journey, mistakes, or trauma we've experienced, everyone deserves to feel seen. For several years now, I have been creating these spaces, the spaces I needed that I could not find in the darkest times in my life. While 2020 has been incredibly difficult, it has also taught me so much about showing-up and that we can do that for one another in so many ways. I decided that it was time to invite everyone to the sacred table of creativity, healing, and connection. This is your invitation. I have achieved nearly every goal I have ever set for myself, but it could have been less lonely and taken less time. I have created what I needed all those years ago and I would be honored if you would join me. SUBSCRIBE TODAY

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