#IfYouCouldSeeMe: Radical Healing opens June 8th

Get your tickets for an evening of healing, humor, empowerment, and connection!


Children’s Theatre at Willow Lawn

1601 Willow Lawn Dr.

7 pm

$10 suggested donation

Contact erin@ifyoucouldseeme.com with questions

It’s funny. You never know the moment when your life changes forever. We all have ideas. We have flashes that we imagine could become something but how, when, what would be required? And ultimately, “Do I have what it takes?”

Everyday of my life is spent for some amount of time wondering if I have what it takes. Wondering if I’m doing it right. Worrying that I could let someone down. That weight would be crippling if it weren’t for the people whose faith in this project, in me, and most of all in the knowledge that THEIR stories need to be told, showing-up in my life every day giving me just enough to push through any of the lies that fear and doubt try to sell me.

What is true? I am not special. I had an idea and I simply put one foot in front of the other to act on that idea. I did not do this alone. It did not happen overnight. The sacred table around which we create these events is stained with the tears, and echoes with the laughter, healing, and joy of MANY warriors who simply said yes.

What we have created here is a function of all of us for whom this message resonates, coming together in courage and resilience and claiming collectively that: there is NO individual whose pain is so big, or whose damage is so significant, that it doesn’t deserve to be heard and seen. If we are willing to see - and we are willing to be seen - we WILL change the world with our stories.

Only in silence and darkness can stigma continue to grow. As always, your story belongs to you. When, how, and for whom you tell it is yours to decide. Until you’re ready, we are holding space for you. If you are never ready that’s Ok too. Just know you are not alone. We love you. Even if we’ve never met.

“When you believe in something, even if it doesn’t look like anything that has ever existed, don’t wait until everybody gets it. Just birth it into the world and whoever needs it, I promise, you will find each other.“

-Erin Mahone

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