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Invitation for Reflection

1/15/2020 Invitation for Reflection:

Hineni is the word G-d uses in the Torah when calling upon someone to do something difficult. It means, “I am here.” I’m not a Jewish scholar, nor do I profess to be particularly well educated in this area; but I am a Jewish person and this word has always resonated with me. Everyday we (all humans regardless of religion) are called to be present, to show up for the difficulties of life, to receive their lessons, and to spread that knowledge through our actions.

Several years ago, after taking a Jewish meditation class, I adopted the mantra of “Hineni” for my meditation practice. It then morphed into the mantra “I am here, here I am.” I had spent my life at the mercy of my own anxiety - always waiting for the other shoe to drop - never knowing what would be next. My body was my enemy. My mind was exhausted.

There was something deeply empowering in the articulation of those words. Words that told the higher power I was present to do the work, words that told the world that I am prepared to show up with all I have in the moment, and a reminder to myself that we all are an embodiment of the convergence of higher power and flesh and blood. We will, over the course of our lives, live out countless moments of transcendence and of fallibility. No matter which state we have experienced today, tomorrow is another opportunity to repeat, “I am here, here I am,” and to keep showing up.

The story we tell about ourselves is told without words more often than not. We tell our story with action, and inaction. We tell our story through choices. How are you showing up and what is the story your actions are telling?

I invite you to write for 10 minutes on this prompt today if you are called to do so and to share by clicking “Share Your Story.”

Happy Wednesday!

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