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IYCSM Welcomes Radical Joy w/James E. Bullard!

The If You Could See Me Project is SO EXCITED to welcome a new podcaster to our roster! Radical Joy: Moments of Wisdom, Wonder and Hope with James E. Bullard will debut on The If You Could See Me podcast network on Wednesday, October 12th and air each Wednesday until there are no more Wednesdays to be had! After our incredible conversation back in the early summer on Saturday Morning Coffee and Conversation,

we just knew that James' innate joy, wisdom, and enthusiasm was meant to be a part of our growing IYCSM family of podcasters, storytellers, and hope spreaders! Here's a little bit about our dear James and all of his many adventures in courage and imagination!

James Bullard, Southern gentleman and peddler of optimism, listens to and works with people interested in living their lives more fully. Their stories combined with his experiences help this avid traveler, entertainer, and writer share insights to inspire more joy and squelch fears in squeezing the most out of every moment. Chockablock with anecdotes and colorful vernacular, a conversation with James isn’t one you’ll soon forget. And hopefully, it’ll put you on a fast track to getting more out of what you’re putting in.

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