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Mindfulness Musings from a Dog

Kismet wonders why mommy won't sit still

I just want to sit on her lap. Every time she sits down and I get comfortable she says "Oh shit," under her breath and gets back up. How much could she possibly need to do? How many items could she possibly need?

She seems so complicated, but I know the real truth about life. All anyone really needs is food and water, the occasional circular run in the front yard, a warm place to curl up, and someone to scratch your head. I try to tell her this as she is racing back and forth by constantly following her. I try to stay right under her feet so she will remember. Sometimes she steps on my paw. It hurts. I let her know. She feels bad. Everything is fine but it would be better if she would just slow down. She only needs to feed me treats and take me to the store in the backpack; but she's awfully distracted. I've never heard anyone take so many deep breaths. She seems tired. She's always closing her eyes.

I wish that she would just find a towel, a blanket, or a pair of someone's pants balled up on the floor and curl up tight for a nice nap in the sunshine. I guess I'll just have to keep training her.

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