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Saturday Morning Coffee with Erin and Lucretia!

I took a few weeks off from podcasting to complete our live show a few weeks ago and make some big professional changes. Check out the videos of our amazing storytellers featured at our January show!

BUT we are back!

I am so excited to welcome back my friend and monthly Co-Host Lucretia Marie Anderson for a Live podcast event tomorrow morning, Saturday 2/13 at 10 am! Remember last month when Lucretia Marie and I did our thing over coffee on a Saturday morning? That was fun, right?!

Join the conversation on The If You Could See Me Project Facebook page at

This time we will discuss how Black History Month is EVERYDAY, and how celebratory months, days and weeks for marginalized people and issues undermines our responsibility to one another and to our own growth.

We will also address practical ways in which communities can show up for one another in times of mental health crisis by connecting, educating themselves, and developing responsive systems that help instead of harm in times of need.

As usual we will also laugh a lot remembering always to share joy even in difficult moments.

In the meantime, checkout our discussion from last month and remember to subscribe, rate and review on itunes to help us reach more people:

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