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Share your Story - Judi Lunberg

I am … adaptive.  If I were a Marvel Superhero, I would be Darwin, whose body adapts quickly to survive according to each threat or environment.

For my long career, I changed jobs every five years, often going in completely different directions.  From copywriter to wanderer to college information and publications to account management to media to software in varieties and complications.

From perfect girl to rebel to cool girl to wife to mother to divorcee to independence.  Finally, to an age where you give zero fucks.

Adapt or disappear.  We are always learning and that’s a good thing.  Learning is growth.  My beloved grandfather told me “Read everything, even the trash.  You can always discard what you don’t need.  But keep reading. Keep learning.”

So, I was bored with Ayn Rand at 17.  I discovered George RR Martin before Game of Thrones or HBO.  Fell in love with Bruce Springsteen before he graced the overs of Time and Newsweek.

Keep adapting.  I love change.  I thrive in change.  I’m not happy with the change the country is going through, but I am adapting to new ways to try to help and heal.  I do what I can even if it’s not a grand gesture.

Although if it gets worse, I am drafting an update of Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal” to euthanize all women when they turn 65.  And, yes, I am four years past that.  But think of the money that could go to the rich and, of course, husbands could request a dispensation year by year if they had not already turned in the old wife for a newer model.  Which they probably would have done already.

Of course, satire is a lost art these days.

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