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You Know the Way

There is no shortage of invitations to observe the wisdom of the universe. That wisdom is in us, around us, and between us. Often it is nested inside of discomfort - physical, emotional, relational - and all it requires in order to be revealed is noticing with curiousity, not judgement, that it has arisen in that moment.

Why this moment?

What is happening?

What does it feel like?

When do I remember feeling like this before?

How do I carry this and everything else?

What do I need right now?

What is this discomfort trying to communicate to me?

When we are able to let go of SHOULDS:

“this shouldn’t be happening” or

“I should be able to…” or

“I shouldn’t feel like this…”

We can meet the discomfort with an interest in learning what it is trying to communicate to us, rather than just trying to make it go away. I say that as if it is easy and I don’t mean to imply that at all - it’s not easy. It’s incredibly simple (most things are) but requires support, practice, and patience to master (as most skills do).

Self-compassion work began for me in the writing and telling of stories. Learning to see myself and the people who made me, as individuals, without an instruction manual, showing-up to an incredibly confusing world every single day and trying to figure shit out. I was so unkind to myself for so long. I was so impatient with everyone around me for so long. I still fall into those old patterns in times of stress or fear; but my visits to those old places are short, and I am quickly reminded that I don’t belong there anymore and I know the way out. I have to remind myself often, especially in moments of distress, that I know what to do and I know how to do it.

You do too even if sometimes, for a moment you forget how far you’ve come.

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