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Workshops and Events

with Erin

ReWrite, ReSpeak, ReImagine your Life

with Erin Mahone 

Wednesday mornings 10 am - Noon 

February 19 - March 25


Counseling and Advocacy Associates

10128 Hull St. Rd. 

Midlothian, VA 23112

This group is designed for parents and caregivers of individuals with a disability, chronic illness, or serious mental illness. The story of our lives can be changed drastically when providing care for a loved one this group offers a safe, nurturing, and creative opportunity to process and connect. 

The most empowering thing a person can do is to reclaim the story of their life. We carry shame and fear that the world will discover the truth - we've experienced pain, we've made  mistakes, we are faking it a lot of the time. The truth is that none of us are born with an instruction manual and NO ONE knows what the hell they are doing. 

If you have decided you want to stop hiding, stop pretending, and take back your power then ReStory is your gateway.

In this series you will:

Learn to tell a great story; to find humor, lessons, and meaning in the challenging experiences of your life. You will connect with other creative people and a nurturing instructor in a safe environment. At the end you will stand-up to share your unique and important perspective with your classmates and invited guests. Each participant will prepare a 5 minute piece to be shared at the final performance. 

Your story belongs to you. It has the power to change the world. Learn to tell it in a way that makes you feel proud of who you are and of all you've overcome. 

Further, I am also growing ReStory to include individual coaching in the new year! I have found that while we do amazing work in our classes and workshops, often times folks need a little more time, access, and support in the birthing of their creative endeavors, or in shifting toward a more creative, mindful, and self-compassionate approach to life in general, and I want to help! 

If you are seeking a supportive, nurturing partner in the realization and actualizing of your dreams and learning to trust your authentic voice, then we need to talk!

Making Sense of it All

Storytelling for Post-Traumatic Growth

Saturday, March 7th

10431 Patterson Ave. 

Henrico, VA 23238

11 am - 2 pm 


There is meaning in the madness. This half-day workshop will guide participants in creating a story to illuminate purpose from pain. Employing elements of writing, storytelling, mindfulness, and group support to help participants on the path to healing and growth. 



Putting Voice to Story

Saturday, March 28th 

2707 W. Cary St. 

Richmond, VA 23220

11 am - 2 pm 


Did you know that the single largest human fear is not death, small spaces, or even spiders. It’s public speaking. Add to that the fear of bearing a personal story in front of an audience. There is art and skill beyond powerful writing, that makes a performed story compelling. This workshop will provide steps to conquering fear, connecting with your body, trusting yourself, quieting the voice of resistance, and stepping into the light with poise and confidence.



Erin is also available for individual coaching sessions. 


Invite Erin Mahone to speak, hold a workshop, perform one of her several show offerings or reach out to discuss options for your specific event! Erin offers professional development workshops, inspiring performances and talks, book events, parenting programs, inclusion workshops, and fundraising events! 





“The opportunity to be a part of Erin’s ReStory class was extraordinary. Erin has a unique way of helping to bring forth pieces of yourself that have laid dormant for years. Her genuine care and enthusiasm creates an environment that welcomes all perspectives and stories. Her class is a true gift to self.”


“ReStory is a wonderful class. Erin is an amazing teacher. She has guided me in a nurturing and caring manner to craft the stories of my life in a humorous and interesting way. I feel empowered to reclaim and blossom into my true self.  ”


“With the encouragement of others, I’ve been able to move forward. I’m working hard to resume a “normal” life. These wonderful ladies helped me and I am grateful. A huge thank you especially to Erin Lessin Mahone who welcomed and made me feel safe. She provided the positive & accepting environment in which I could open up share my inner thoughts, fears, pain and joy. She encouraged me to share my stories despite my deep embarrassment of my current state of abilities. I’m so grateful for the experience. I’ll look forward to another opportunity in the fall to grow and learn within the Re-Story structure and most importantly work with a wonderful non-judgmental group.”


"Erin Mahone is exactly the type of artist we love to present to our community… she’s a  talented singer, dynamic and honest storyteller and humorist, a skilled author, and her 

work  opens eyes, shatters stereotypes and really sticks with you.  Audience members came to find me in the days following Erin’s show to share how much itmeant to them and how glad they are to have participated."

- Sarah Barry

Cultural Arts Director, Northern Virginia JCC 

"Erin Mahone has a presence. Absolutely relatable, nurturing and likeable, above all. Her obvious chops as a seasoned performer take nothing away from her vulnerability and ability  to connect with people of many backgrounds. Her giving nature helps everyone feel  included.  We were thrilled to have Erin at our conference."

- Malaina Poor

VOCAL Conference Coordinator

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