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May You Be at Ease and Happy

In the beginning of 2021, I began the ReStory community, an expansion of my ReStory classes and The If You Could See Me Project. This monthly subscription brings together helpers, healers, creatives, and deep feelers in a virtual space for authentic connection, healing, goal setting, and creativity. Some truly incredible work is being born in this space. I will begin publishing some of this writing as participants are comfortable sharing. Below is an example of something beautiful written by one of our members, Marian Turk, during a recent meeting. It burst forth from a single 10 minute writing prompt.

Daily Blessing (To be recited to oneself or whoever needs to hear it, as often as it needs to be heard)

Inspired by a meditation from Jack Kornfield

written by Marian Turk

May you be at ease and happy May you be like Ruth in the Bible, who took on the faith and culture of her daughter-in-law’s people without losing her own strength and moral compass May you have a moral compass, but also the self-awareness to know when it needs to be re-set May you value yourself enough that you ask for and work for what you need, but not so much that you don’t see the humanity of others May you value yourself enough to surround yourself with people who value and appreciate you May you value other people enough to know what relationships to keep and which ones have run their course May you be comfortable in your own skin, no matter how that skin changes over the years May you be at ease enough to know when too much ease is uncomfortable May you be at ease but always striving to be your best self May you never apologize for who you are while always having enough self-awareness to know who you are May you always have enough vulnerability to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in situations that will promote growth May you be at ease enough to know that you will not always be happy, but that you can always work toward happiness May you be at ease and happy.

For more information on the ReStory community subscription visit,

or contact Erin Mahone

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