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The Mother Wound Virtual LIVE event on October 15th!

"Storytelling accomplishes more than most probably realize. It helps people feel less alone, and it cultivates empathy and compassion." Luna Greenstein, Marketing and Communications Director, NAMI

We are so thrilled to bring you another amazing evening of stories, songs, and community! This year has been a big one for me as we send our oldest child off to college. I've spent so much time reflecting on my role as a mother, my own relationship with my mother and the other mother figures I've had throughout my life. It has been painful, cathartic, and joyful to allow myself the space to process these big, complicated emotions in this way. When this group began meeting, this theme of motherhood kept arising. Particularly the stage of motherhood when our kids are nearly (or completely) grown and we begin to question ourselves, our purpose, and our identities beyond this decades long endeavor of raising our kids to adulthood. With each IYCSM group, I don't set a theme in advance. We meet and notice what comes up. This group is mamas and we wanted to talk about what that means for us. I hope you will join us for an evening of songs, stories, and connection in our final virtual event of 2022!

Meet our incredible storytellers who have been working together for months:

Julie Graham Bryant is a lover of stories, mocha lattes, New England in any weather, and spending time with their most valued people.

Karrie is a mom and a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend - who is considering at midlife that maybe that list needs some refocusing and rejiggering.

Kim Johnson says, "The mother wound was the best thing that could ever happen to me, I think."

We hope to be joined by some extra special guests, and we are so honored to have our IYCSM family member Erica Nichols holding a Paparazzi Accessories fundraiser during the weekend of 10/14 - 10/16 with a portion of sales benefitting the If You Could See Me Project. Check out Erica's pieces here!

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